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About Us

Hampton is a developing township to the south of PeterboroughCambridgeshire


Hampton FC has been providing Football for the Hampton Community since 2003.

We are run on a not-for-profit basis - by volunteers.


In 2019 Hampton FC almost folded. 

We had just 4 junior teams and no Club Secretary.


Our initial response was to consider dismantling Hampton FC. We lacked experience of running a Club and the finances to do so. After much deliberation, the remaining Hampton FC Committee members regrouped with a determination to rebuild and improve the Club - with a focus on Junior and Inclusive Football.


Everyone agreed we should try to build the best Community Club possible.



Sporting F.C.


In March 2022 we were approached by Sporting FC (an established Yaxley Junior Football Club) who asked for our support.

They asked Hampton FC to integrate the existing Sporting FC teams and Coaches.


Sporting FC wanted to pass their teams across to Hampton FC because of our reputation for Inclusive Football.


Everyone was initially nervous about growing in size this quickly but we kept reminding ourselves that it would enable Hampton FC to provide greater football opportunities for the local community.


Integration was a new challenge for us but one that has been rewarding and successful.




Inclusive Football Opportunities for All


Hampton FC are passionate about building strong, long term relationships within Hampton.


Since 2019 we have worked very hard to ensure that everyone in the local community has the chance to play football for as long as they want.

We do not believe that age, sex, ability or health should be a barrier to enjoying the ‘beautiful game’.


Hampton FC are extremely proud of our progress so far:


Creating a Football Pathway


This has been achieved through the launch of a wide range of new football opportunities:

  • New Hampton United Adult Team (2021)


  • Junior Inclusive (Disability) Football (2020)

  • New Hampton FC Adult Pan Disability Team (2022)


  • Wildcats (Girls) Football (2021)


  • New Hampton FC Walking Football Team (2021)


We are pleased and proud to see the growth in participation numbers over time.




  • Hampton FC realises the importance of Diversity within Football.

  • We are therefore very proud to have mixed-race junior teams, a female Chairperson, female Coaches and female Junior players - plus our Inclusive football opportunities.

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